Hiking to Mount Batur

Hiking to Mount Batur Volcano / Toya Bungkah Soothing Hot Spring / Pura Ulun Danu Temple

(approx 7 hours)

Mount Batur Volcano

Mount Batur, located 1717 meters above sea level, is without a doubt a major point of interest for most visitors. In order to climb this impressive mount, you will need to wake up early and a have a good breakfast. After 2 hours of climbing, you will arrive on time to see the sun rise.

Toya Bungkah soothing Hotspring

Toya Bunkah is located on the bank of Lake Batur, 11 km away from Penelokan, located in the Kintamani district. The resort offers a chance to relax and have some peace time where you can enjoy fishing, swimming and of course, have a soothing bath in the hot springs. The spring water is believed to have curative powers for different kinds of skin disease such as eczema.

Pura Ulun Danu Temple

This temple is one of the most important on the island and is located on the West bank of Lake Batur. The lake stretches to enhance the beauty of nature around the temple. The Ulun Danu symbolizes respect for the nature and the greatness God has given to the people of the Batur Village.


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