Karangasem Tour

Besakih Temple /  Bat Cave Temple / Tenganan Village / Pasir Putih Beach

(approx 8 hours)

Besakih Temple

Bedakih Temple was built on site where prehistoric rites, ceremonies and copious feasts once took place. Hindu theologians claim that the Temple was founded around the 8th century by a missionary named Danghyang Markandeya, a priest credited with introducing the tradition of daily offerings and the concept of a single God. As many as 22 separates sanctuaries with over 60 temples and 200 distinct structures lies on this site. It is known as the Mother Temple of the island.

Bat Cave Temple

The Goa Lawah Temple also known as the Bat cave Temple, takes its name from the thousand of fruit bats which live on the ceiling of the cave. They can be seen quite easily. There is also a beautiful beach located south of the cave. From there you may also see the island of Nusa Penida.

The Tenganan Village

The Tenganan Village is one of the most conservative villages, with very ancestral Balinese tradition which are still practiced to this day. This is a fortified village within the bastion and all the living compounds are identical and arranged in rows on either side of the wide stone-paved lines. Those stone-paved lines run throughout the entire length of the village. The origins of how they acquired the land dates back to the 14th century. Also well known for its Gerungsing cloth is the intricate weaving and dyeing process. A single cloth may take up to five years to complete! It is also possible for you to learn about other traditional methods of preservation and how to remain eco-friendly.

Pasir Putih Beach

The beach is located on a secluded bay near Candidasa. A white sandy beach is waiting for you and offers a quiet place to relax where you may enjoy the sun and the soothing sound of the waves. Food and drinks are also offered at local beaches restaurants. Come enjoy this well kept secret.

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