We offer a unique experience in everyday life of the Balinese, with a day in the heart of the tradition and spirituality of the Hindu religion.

The day begins with the making of small baskets of offerings along with traditional music, followed by a Balinese meal. The day continues with a visit to the temple of Endek with the ritual  of meditation, the presentation of the offerings and the blessing of the sacred waters.


It is an inexpensive, healthy and beneficial way to do some spiritual tourism. Meditation is a good way to diminish stress from your everyday lifes and the best part is that you can do it anywhere!

The offering

Banten/offering of Hindu Bali tradition Banten is symbolic offering of human being to the God, they are made in a way to send back the gratitude to the supreme God that was already been given and keeping the balance of giving and recieving, they are also appeases negative forces. Canang/Banten is made of palm leaf, flowers, fruits, rice,traditional cakes, cooking meats and plants

Learning the preparation of the basic offering Canang sari and Pejati

(Canang Sari)                                                (Pejati)

(Gambelan Balinese Traditional Music)

Holy Water

Presenting the offering At the time of meditation, we take the offering to the temple, present the offering and pray by chanting the Mantra. There is incense involve so that our pray reached the Divine. Then we ask to be blessed through the holy water to clean ourself and get the forgiveness.


It’s located on the edge Tamblingan lake and inside twin lake forest

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