Lovina Tour

Wild Dolphin Watching / Bajar Buddhism Temple / Gitgit Waterfall/ Beji Temple/Banjar Hot Spring

(approx 8 hours)

Wild Dolphin Watching


The reason people go to Lovina beach is mainly to watch the wild dolphins, so the day starts early because the best time to see them in all their glory is at six in the morning, more or less. This will also be an opportunity for you to watch the sunrise right above the sea.

 The Banjar Buddhist Temple

The Banjar Buddhist Temple was built in the 1970’s. It contains many Thai features and a magnificent view over the valley and the shoreline.

 The Gitgit Waterfall

The Gitgit waterfall is located 11 km south from the city of Singaraja. A long path brings you to the 40 meter-high waterfall and the surrounding land is filled with vast plantations of coffee, cloves, cacao and pineapple Finally, it is also a great place to picnic.


The Beji Temple

The Beji Temple is located in the Sangsit village and it is a prime example of colorful architecture which is typical of Northern Bali. The temple is dedicated to the spirit of the rice field which watches over the irrigated fields. It was built in the 15th century and it is famous for its Barong architecture and virtuoso relief carving with a courtyard of clipped grass and old frangipani trees. It is a tranquil and refreshing place and a great way to end the day.


Banjar Hot Springs

The day ends at Banjar’s hot springs. Sources claim that the hot springs may cure certain diseases but one thing is for sure: it will  definitely relax your muscles.


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