Art and Painting

It’s truly art experience


Balinese culture is a rich mixture of different art, it plays a role in daily life, expressed in painting, carving, weaving, dance and music, even in the everyday offering they present at the shrine. These art skills have been passionately preserved over the centuries.

The music is represented by the Gamelan, a Balinese percussion orchestra which is highly developed and varied. Then, there is the dances that includes; pendet, lelong, topeng, barong and kecak. Bali boast one of the most diverse and innovative performing art cultures in the world.


Balinese art is Hindu-Javanese, origin that grew out from the artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom with their expansion to Bali in late 13th century. since then, Ubud and its neighboring villages have been know for their paintings,


Prior to the 1920’s, Balinese traditional painting were restricted to what is now know as the Kamasan or Wayang style. It is a visual narrative of Hindu-Javanese epics; the Ramayana and Mahabharata with natural dyes. The coloring is limited to available dye like red, ochre, black, etc. In addition, the rendering of the figures and ornamentation must follow strictly prescribed rules, since they are mostly produced for religious articles and temple hangings. These paintings are produce in collaboratively and therefore mostly anonymous,with the arrival of many western artist, Bali became an artist enclave, similar to Tahiti for Paul Gaugain, for avant-garde artists such as Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, Le Mayeur, etc. In addition, Bali has attracted famous anthropologists like Bateson and Mead, who collected over 2000 paintings in the 1930’s, predominantly from the village of Batuan. Among the western artists, Spies and Bonnet are often credited for the modernization of the traditional Balinese paintings. They provided media and introduce western paintings concepts, such as picture and color composition and human anatomy. more importantly, they acted as agents of change by encouraging individual freedom of expression to break out from the confining traditional Balinese paintings tradition. The result were a explosion of individual expression that led to the birth of the neo-traditional Balinese painting. The Ubud painters embraced it with the most courage and enthusiasm.

Art workshop tour

In short, you will get to enjoy a very unique, artistic and memorable experience as real artist.

Imagine sitting or standing with your sketchbook and  admiring the spectacular landscape just in front of you,likes the green rice fields, the calm Batur and lake caldera, beautiful white beach and the Bedugul mountain with twin lakes.

We will accompany you to have new experience such as ;

– Paint and sketch amazing sceneries

– Be mesmerized by all shorts of natural wonders

– Explore the legendary sight and visit many painting workshops in many places with     different style

– Exchange knowledge and ideas with similar-minded art lover at local school painting

– Other than painting/sketching the most amazing and exploring pristine location, you will also get experience of Bali day special for real bali foods, we will involve you in the   preparation and cooking,  then after enjoy the delicious foods together.