Bangli Tour

Penglipuran Tradional Village / Kehen Temple / Bamboo Forest / Penglipuran Heroes Monument

(approx 8 hours)

Penglipuran Traditional Village

The Penglipuran Traditional Village is located at approximately 6 km away from the city of Bangli. This village has its own cultural and historical characteristics. The real beauty of this village, apart from its breath-taking surroundings, is that it has been left untouched by the modernization era. The name “Penglipuran” is derived, according to mythology, from the words “pengeling” and  “pura” which stand for “ to remember our ancestors”.

Kehen Temple

The Kehen temple is one of the most ancient temples in Bali. It holds three old bronze-made manuscripts. This temple is worshipped by the people around the village and the ceremony is held once every three years. It is located on the southern slope of Bangli Hill about 2 km away from the town. This historic temple is worth visiting for its long flight of steps.

Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest is located in the Kubu village, about 5 km away from Bangli. There, visitors can not only find diverse kinds of bamboo, but they may also discover its many different uses for it, such as craft of many different musical instruments and wind chimes.

Penglipuran Heroes Monuments

The Penglipuran Hero monument was built in memory of the freedom fighters which hailed from the regency of Bangli. Commanded by Captain Anak Agung Gede Muditah with 18 soldiers, the captain was shot by Dutch troops during the revolution era. This impressive nine- story monument was built in 1959 in the Penglipuran village.

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