Spirit Tours

Spirit tours

A  journey of the soul

 Bali retreat and vacation- your connection to holistic Bali

There are those who say that seeing is believing.

I am telling you that believing is seeing.

~Neale Donald Walsch


Share the beauty of Bali

It’s culture, nature, art, foods, people and belief. While traveling with us on this spiritual journey of self discovery, you will receive a hands on experience that will give you a deeper understanding of the places we visit, while connecting to your own true inner nature. You will be immerse  in an atmosphere of exotic beauty, spiritual devotion and splendid surrounding nature. These are the memories and experiences that will be with you long after you’ll leave  this magical island.

Have your trip & Expand your love

Offer yourself a life-enriching experience dedicated to your heart, body and soul, while discovering beautiful and inspiring environments, favorable to your well-being in god’s island “Bali”



Land itinerary

Day 1

Transfer by air-conditioned vehicle to the hotel in Bedugul, arrive at the Munduk Muding Plantation Hotel. As you are already in the heart of Bali, your night accommodation in the middle of flavors and colors of plantation, birds and flowers of all kinds surround you and you are only steps away from everything.

Dinner is short transfer to one of the charming restaurant of Terrasse du LacTamblingan Sari, which feature fresh, local, organic cuisine.



Day 2

Morning orientation meeting at Terrasse du Lac meditation place

Giving out and learn some Balinese words and also how Balinese pray.

Hand out on the appropriate custom and traditional clothed  and learn to put it on.

Learn to make an offering and the meaning of these offerings


Lunch served at Terrasse du Lac, lake view

Back to the hotel and have evening dinner at the hotel.


Day 3

Purification,  trip to the east of Bali

Right after breakfast we leave to visit Tirta Empul, take in the holy water at one of the most sacred spots on the island of Bali——Tirta Empul is delightful and deep way to experience the spirituality of the locals, you immerse yourself in the ritual of Balinese people. Step down into the pool with appropriate dress, ducking your head under each holy springs, feel the significance of the water as they cleanse your past and you emerge ready to create the future. After purifying yourself, wear your temple dress and  step forward into the temple for pray and receive  holy water past by the priest.

Lunch at mount and lake Batur panorama

Visit mother temple of Besakih, located on the slope of Mount Agung in the eastern side of Bali, is the most important. the largest and holiest  Hindu temple in Bali. the main sanctuary of the complex is Pura Penataran Agung as the symbolic centre, we will present the offering and we will pray with flowers, incense and rice to the God to give us blessing so that there will be no obstacle to our trip and the future.

Check in at the hotel in Padang Bai


Day 4

Lunch at the restaurant

Afternoon Spa, enjoy and pamper yourself; choose from Balinese massage and reflexology treatment make you fell relax and float you off into a world of comfort.

Early dinner at the….

Night meditation at Payogaan Sila Yukti Temple, it’s located on the edge of sea Clift where we could hear natural music of the wave and wind. One of the memorable experience in life; be silent, think of nothing and listen inner self then feel the connection to the God be at the temple, start knowing the mind and recognizing how the mind works, think and operates.



Day 5

Visit Tenganan traditional village

Lunch at Pasir Putih beach

Afternoon relaxing day at beautiful beach


Day 6

Transfer to the north west of Bali at Pemuteran

We stop for picture taken and enjoy beautiful scenery at Culik Rice Field

Lunch at Tulamben beach spots for scuba diving and snorkeling

Check in at the hotel at Pemuteran


Day 7

Spiritual trip Menjangan island

Pray at many temples on Menjangan island


Enjoy afternoon snorkeling for one hour dive

Dinner at the hotel


Day 8


Purification and pray at Belatung Temple

Second purification at the most sacred of Taman spring, help with our guide and the local temple priest, continue to inside the temple grounds, our guide will present the offering and have meditation-you can follow along with our guide and temple priest, this beautiful way to honor the local traditions and have second purification. Afterwards continue to meditate at the main temple of Belatung Temple.


Day 9

Transfer  to Bedugul

We meet for lunch in Lovina by the beach

Visit natural hot spring in Banjar

The sacred hot springs ‘air panas’ of Banjar are set in the midst of the jungle in a beautiful landscaped tropical garden and it consist of three public pools. The sulphuric water is of volcanic origin and has an agreeable warm temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

Visit Buddhist monastery at Banjar Tegehe, a beautiful location a top hill over looking the coastline with some amazing energy; a pretty spectacular spot to practice mindfulness and have introspection journey.


Day 10

Balinese food cooking class

In Bali you can witness and experience a lot of famous things, but one thing you will never forget is traditional Balinese food. Bali has a wide range of traditional Balinese foods made from fresh ingredients-giving you delightful taste.

Here at TERRASSE du LAC with Balinese chef fully conversant with Balinese cuisine, friendly atmosphere in our beautiful kitchen-garden, with locally grown and sourced ingredient, we will arrange, guide and help you to discover how to create your own delicious authentic Balinese dishes.

A real Balinese foods such as; Satay Lilit, Babi guling ( whole roast pig ), Ayam Betutu, Lawar, Sambel Matah, and many more.



At lunch you can enjoy all the foods we prepare together

After lunch we move to the garden to watch the traditional dance and gamelan then, after the performance you can join and learn about Balinese dance and gamelan.


Day 11

Picnic and trekking day

Trekking in the mountains and around the lakes is very rewarding, we take you to walk inside wild forest and you will be mesmerized by the magnificent flora and fauna as you be back with the nature; everything from tropical birds, orchids to giant trees. Explore many ancient temples and have chance for praying and feel the sprit of the place.

After enjoy the picnic lunch at the temple court yard which has beautiful lake view.

Continue with Dug Out Canoe around the Tamblingan lake.

Last but not least we visit Munduk waterfall, this is the most impressive waterfall on the island.


Day 12

Transfer to Ubud

Ubud is a remarkable town in the middle of the island and is regarded as the cultural centre of Bali. For more than century, it has been the island’s preeminent centre for fine arts, dance and music.

On the way to Ubud we will visit agriculture organic plantation and have chance to taste many drinks for free, then do some shopping at their Boutiques


Day 13

Explore Ubud

Visit Ubud monkey forest, the monkey forest is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud. The forest comprises approximately a tenth of a square kilometers and contains at least 115 different species of trees. The monkey forest contains the Dalem Temple as well as a holy spring bathing temple. This place is maintain its sacred integrity and  promote the sacred site as a destination for visitors.


Visit Don Antonio Blanco museum

Visit Mas village is famous village with local residents do creativity on wood carving, its has a distinctive style in the art carving of wood sculpture.

Farewell dinner in Ubud city


Price Spiritual tour

2 stars hotel + tour package  1920 $ USD

3 stars hotel + tour package  2200 $ USD

4 stars hotel + tour package  2900 $ USD

5 stars hotel + tour package  3600 $ USD