Trunyan Village Tour

Visit the Trunyan Village / Gunung Batur Museum / Pura Gede Batur Temple

(approx 7 hours)

Trunyan Village

The Trunyan village is locates on the bank of Lake Batur at the bottom of Abang hill. The village is habited by the people of Bali Aga and their unique cultural aspects.  Their ways has withstood the sands of time and still to this day, they practice very ancient ceremonies. The name Trunyan is derived from the word “Taru and Menyan” which represents the smell of the fragrant tree of incense which grows in the village. The villagers consider this tree to be very important because of the special burial power it has over their dead. This practice is called Mepasah.

Ganun Api Batur Museum

Ganung Api Batur Museum is located in the village of Batur. The museum offers information concerning the chain of volcanoes which spread all over Indonesia, including one which is still active. In that museum, you may take a look at the lava collection from the eruption of Mount Batur and you will learn of the devastating effects it had over the villages and community.

 Pura Gede Batur Temple

The Pura Gede Batur temple is also located in the Kalanganyar village. After the devastating eruption of 1917 which destroyed almost everything including the temple, the locals, composed of the head of the village and other prominent figures, brought the surviving shrines and rebuilt the Batur Temple on higher grounds. The temple now faces the west side of Mount Batur and sits on the remains of black lava rocks. Lake Batur stretches down the slopes and enhances the beauty of the nature surrounding the temple.

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